Live edge desk!

This small space was the perfect place to design and install this live edge desk. We kept both sides of the edge intact and back filled with concrete to create a smooth edge along the rear of the desk. Wall brackets were used to hang the unit in place- and it can be easily removed and installed in another location in minutes!

Texture with concrete:

Here’s just -some- of the textures that can be created with concrete, applications are totally endless…..

Custom concrete hearth

This micro cement concrete hearth is less than 1/4” thick and is built over a wood sub frame clad in cement board.

Rooftop waterproofing repair

Improper grading on this rooftop patio lead to water ponding and subsequent damage to the front facade on this multi family property.

First step was to remove existing membrane 40” from the front parapet wall across the entire width of the building- so the concrete could be re graded

Once removed we used Sika Quick 1000 to re slope the concrete to drain to the scuppers. This product allowed membrane to be re installed within 24 hours for fast turn around.

This process was completed in 5 days from start to finish.

Lime plaster waterfall design/install

The existing waterfall had not been used in over a year, and leaked pretty bad. We first created a new smooth layer over the existing slate tiles, then waterproofed the entire wall and side returns. Once watertight, we added layer upon layer of Tadelakt lime plaster- the very plaster used in Moroccan architecture for their elaborate spas. We used our own style by using multiple colours in a vertical application adding to the look of the falling water. Very pleased with the end result!

Nothing to see here….

Bobcat’s MT85 was the perfect machine for this interior excavation job! We removed over 10,000 square feet of concrete and 600 yards of soil to allow for suspended wood floors to be installed. All this work was done with this 36” wide walk behind track machine.