About Us

It was 1956.  That was the year my dad- Ed Klassen bought a small concrete company that made concrete wash tubs.  I found one of those tubs in a basement we were doing work in one day and asked Ed about what the inscription  00356 on the bottom of the tub ment.  To the best of his knowledge it was the third tub he ever made- what a find!  From there Ed did different things, but it was when he landed a job with the Municipality of North Kildonen as a fireman that Concrete Ed was born.  2 days on and 2 days nights, with 4 days off ment he could do concrete 6 out of 8 days.  And pour he did.  I remember as a boy helping my mom and dad gravels basements, pour garages, steps and driveways.  Oh yeah, my mom was in there too.  But it was when I graduated university that Ed and I started a partnership.  We worked for about 8 (or so) new house builders, and poured concrete at around 100 homes a year.  It didn’t take long and we were looking for an avenue to be more creative.  1993 was the first year I attended the world of concrete, and discovered the endless possibilities with decorative concrete.  We were one of the first company’s in Winnipeg to stamp concrete, use coloured concrete, acid stain, and install overlays.  Klassen Concrete proudly grew into an award winning company responsible for many of the outdoor patios and restaurants, the Tropical House at the Assiniboine Zoo, and finer homes concrete and landscaping throughout Winnipeg.  Klassen Concrete was published in many periodicals related to technical concrete and design, and even lectured at the World of Concrete trade show for 7 years on various decorative concrete and design topics, and routinely consulted for companies to help resolve, design or install complicated concrete specifications.   Ed Klassen passed away at 83 and (right up to the end) still showed up to work when he was able- with a smile on his face, and a float in his hand.

Fast forward to today, and Klassen Concrete has branched off into a very unique one off division- Specialty Projects.  Today we are a highly specialized design based company creating and building using concrete, wood, steel and landscapes to achieve spaces people and companies can enjoy.  Renovating and refurbishing yards, creating and installing concrete pools, carved rock features, timber structures,  microcement walls and showers, sitting areas, foyers, or planters.  We focus on specialty items, and explore the full potential of every project and ensure professional results are delivered.  Actually, we’ve been doing this since my dads first wash tub in 1956.  That was 65 years ago, and today, we’d still love to work with you on your next project.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your next project!

– Randy Klassen