About Us

We are a design based company that specializes in concrete repair, decorative concrete finishes and landscaping for interior and exterior applications- that range from the smallest custom pieces to the largest commercial applications.  We’ve been building cool things and helping people for over 40 years and we are still super excited about the next project that’s coming up.

Thanks for checking out the work we’ve shown here, and hope you get ideas and inspiration to have your own project done.  Give us a call or email if you have any questions about something you’ve seen – or need more information on, well- anything!  

Talk soon,



Capabilities include:

Repair: Structural and cosmetic concrete repair, parking garage repair and restoration and membrane application/refurbishment, historical restoration, sealing, property maintenance 

Decorative Concrete: microcement, venetian plaster, toppings, staining, vertical rock carving, waterfalls, stamped concrete, 

Landscaping: full yard design and complete install for new or renovation projects