Live edge desk!

This small space was the perfect place to design and install this live edge desk. We kept both sides of the edge intact and back filled with concrete to create a smooth edge along the rear of the desk. Wall brackets were used to hang the unit in place- and it can be easily removed and installed in another location in minutes!

Lime plaster waterfall design/install

The existing waterfall had not been used in over a year, and leaked pretty bad. We first created a new smooth layer over the existing slate tiles, then waterproofed the entire wall and side returns. Once watertight, we added layer upon layer of Tadelakt lime plaster- the very plaster used in Moroccan architecture for their elaborate spas. We used our own style by using multiple colours in a vertical application adding to the look of the falling water. Very pleased with the end result!

Unique basement design build……

Thanks so much for checking out this project completed in January 2018! Lots of cool finishes here to consider… please call if you have any questions!


Star Building Materials

3″x12″ and 8″x 8″ rough saw Douglas Fir

Acid stain floors: Universal Acid Stain- Mosss (Brock White Canada)

Floor Sealer: Decopoxy – Solomon Colors

Custom Brick Finish :

custom finish:

-acrylic stucco base coat – allow to dry one day

-mix 3 parts mortar mix, 1 part portland cement, 1 part Mapei Planitop AC , add Interstar Brick Red color to suit. Apply to wall over base and carve brick pattern with level and carving

-note: different brick colors and finishes similar but different to above added to create “old” finish and look

Venetian Plaster:

-Protek Paint Carrara plaster finish with color (as needed)

– apply and trowel/burnish beeswax finish

– tint sealer with black as needed

-burnish mechanically

This basement adds tons of room for organized storage- and- living space!!

Here you can clearly see the transition to upper and lower living/entertainment area!!
Epoxy covered Acid Stain floors with custom brick and Venetian Plaster finishes!!
Close up Masonry wall finish
Note: multiple layers and finishes applied

Thanks so much for considering us through this process guys- call if you have any questions!!